daMon piano:

Began playing J.S.Bach more in my latter years.  These are improv’s of favorite Bach compositions.

1 = Two-Part Invention # 13 / gave it a swing and it came alive in a whole new way.

2 = Prelude in C  / This was a total improv – never rehearsed it.  I gave it a rhythm then gave it a melody.

 Let It Sink In / Improv

Things happen- I am angry or upset – I express it.  After letting that out I usually absorb it – – – let it sink in.  I often heal myself on the piano.  This was one of those times.

Dark screams
block the light of day
The child lies prostrate
vulnerable to reality
singing a major song
in a minor key
Rain – quencher of life’s thirst
falls for a fitting tribute
a final episode
But life is endless
or is it death
The sun will smile again
and children will sing
but the child has lost
a part of self
that shall ne’er return

                         Dedicated To Kyle Hopkins
                 Who passed onto other worlds June 16, 1989

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